Thursday, March 22, 2007

Thursday Bird Blogging

Hail to the common Brewers Blackbird. You probably don't notice this bird, although it is a survivor and common just about anywhere there are open places. It winters in the south. Why I am featuring it today, is that at Eschaton a poster was rejoicing in a bird that seemed to be singing fuckbush,fuckbush,fuckbush, and I just suspect he was hearing our Blackbird.

For another reason, Chicago Dyke was pointint out recently that black kittens seldom win the cuteness contests. She thinks people don't like the color black very much. I don't argue with that, it may be that black is associated with bad luck when it comes to cats, and of course, Ravens and other black birds traditionally carried bad omens. Probably this dates back to the times when it wasn't safe to be out at night as there were predators - so dark was associated with scarey things.

This bird, though, is lovely, and very innocent of any harm to you. Enjoy the blackbird, a pretty and enjoyable sight.



Blogger FeralLiberal said...

The Redwing Blackbird is the most common bird in my area in the summer, especially in the marsh. But I don't mind them, they have a nice song, and aren't pushy and greedy at the feeders like the Grackles and Starlings. Gotta admit though, when the sun hits them just right, a Grackle can be a handsome devil.

3:57 AM  
Anonymous nora said...

Saw two grackles yesterday morning in my front yard, and I'm not sure what they were doing to each other. They were fluttering belly to belly, one upside down and the other right side up, and I really couldn't tell if they were mating or trying to kill each other.

They are beautiful birds, as are crows (one of my favorite birds).

3:18 PM  

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