Saturday, May 26, 2007

Blog Pimp For Peace

Like the majority of Americans, I actually expected the 110th Congress to put a collar on the president and to yank hard on the leash so that the illegal and unconscionable war in Iraq could be ended. Too many Americans, allies, and Iraqis have died for whatever the raison du jour might be at any given moment. One would have been too many.

And then on Thursday that Democratic-led Congress let us all down. The mood at my favorite gathering spot, Eschaton, was a mix of outrage and heartbreak. We all spewed invective at the cowardly Democrats who obviously were more concerned about their political future than about the lives of thousands of American service personnel and Iraqi citizens. We had expected better.

Finally, one of the regulars rather forcefully suggested that perhaps the country would be better served if we stopped passively relying on others to end the war and started actively doing something ourselves to accomplish that end. NTodd, the pantsless one, was right.

Not only was he right, he's set up a blog with others to explore ways in which we can do something about it. PaxAmericana not only contains posts with ideas and resources, it also has a creditable blog roll of links to different groups already in existence who will welcome new-comers.

It's time we all took responsibility for this war being fought in our name and with our tax dollars. PaxAmericana is a good place to start the journey.

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Anonymous Is Ought said...

Have you considered the possibility that the Democrats are engaging in partisan posturing for the benefit of "progressives"? The DEms knew all along that they had no intention of forcing GWB's hand on Iraq. At least the smart ones did. (note to Harry, Nancy and John....this isn't you)

In fact, Hillary (the next Democratic Presidential hopeful) under unrelenting pressure from some in the Party and virtually all of the media, has steadfastly refused to repudiate her vote in favor of the invasion.

3:12 PM  
Blogger ntodd said...

Thanks for the plug, my dear.

3:37 PM  
Anonymous Nancy Willing said...

well, I'll be ding dong danged.
A mighty fine effort putting rubber to the road to peace.

4:38 PM  

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