Wednesday, June 20, 2007

No Surprise Here

President Bush has announced that he will dust off his veto pen to use for only the third time in his presidency. From an AP report published in the Los Angeles Times:

President Bush has chosen to use his veto pen three times -- twice on the stem cell issue where politics, ethics and science collide.

Pushing back against the Democratic-led Congress, Bush plans to veto a bill Wednesday that would have eased restraints on federally funded embryonic stem cell research, White House spokesman Tony Fratto said.

At the same time, Bush will issue an executive order directing the Health and Human Services Department to promote research into cells that, like human embryonic stem cells, also hold the potential of regenerating into different types of cells that might be used to battle disease.

Well, that makes everything all right, then: he'll push for research using other cells to find cures because, of course, we can't possibly do both. And the fact that the legislation passed by both the House and the Senate contains more stringent ethical guidelines than anything the President has proposed (no surprise there, either) means nothing when it comes to snowflake babies. After all, the destruction of "human" life is the most important thing in the world, at least before birth.

After birth? Eh, not so much, as evidenced by the third veto the president issued during his time in office: the timeline for withdrawing troops from Iraq.

I hope the Democrats vote on over riding the veto. That way we can take the names of those who choose to ignore the wishes of the 70% of Americans who wanted this stem cell bill to pass and publish them all over the country in time for the 2008 election.



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