Friday, July 13, 2007

Remarks about Killing

While it isn't something I say much, if ever, speaking her mind at a Peace Conference in Dallas, something slipped into a Nobel Peace Prize winner's remarks that gets people in trouble in several ways. "I could kill George Bush," Bettty Williams stated. I know the feeling. How many ways the world would be better off. I think there are better ways to convey the message. Ms. Williams has a right to hers, and spoke out though it probably won't get her more invitations to Dallas.

Okay, now I don't think I'll be banned from cabdrollery by Diane, but I have to admit, I don't like to hear people say those things. She apologized.

Nobel Peace Prize winner Betty Williams apologized Thursday for saying she could kill President Bush, remarks that drew scorn from Bush loyalists and shook up the International Women's Peace Conference in Dallas.

"My feelings now and again get way ahead of me," Ms. Williams said. "I couldn't kill anybody, but I must confess that I'm extremely angry with the Bush administration and what they have done. To say that was wrong."
Ms. Williams, who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1976 for creating a group that helped start peace talks in Northern Ireland, also said that Mr. Bush should be impeached. About half the audience responded to that with a standing ovation.

Ms. Williams started a peace movement in Ireland which led to her being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. She's done so much good, it has to be particularly appalling to such a person to see someone who's killed so many for his partisan political goals, if not just the oil.

I recently posted about Woody and Barndog being banned from Eschaton for expressing what Atrios saw as violence against public figures. And still, while I don't usually say that I want to see some one dead, hurt, ill, maybe some really, really bad joss is as far as I will go, I don't think it's grounds for banning them. Betty Williams, you are welcome to blog here, dear. No apologies needed.

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Blogger WGG, Rogue Scholar & Tokin Lib'rul said...

her sentiments are of a piece, i believe, with that famous essay in harpers', right after lapham srttepped down, in which the writer wrote: I could kill George Bush with my bare hands.
or something...'
it's not a's a trope...
in a culture so surfeited with viloence, is is a mark of the insecurity of the regime that such expression is regarded as dangerous...

5:23 PM  
Blogger Danica Anderson said...

It is more than a trope, and the world of violence we live in need more Peaceful Grandmothers like Betty Williams
The day after Betty Williams speech the Dallas Morning News (before Williams apologized) positioned the keynote address article right next to the genocide article about 30,000 Bosnians attending the 12th ceremony/memorial of the 1995 Srebrenica mass murder of all male relatives.
Another irony is how Betty Williams, a little old grandmother, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate is considered a danger and threat?
Women already suffocating in their own mandated “Peter Rabbit’s Silence” -where you don’t say anything unless it is nice- mirrored the conference organizers distance and a call of apology from Betty Williams which is in place to cover their fear of retribution in terms of dollars.
Women are force fed and buy into the idea that their heart searing wisdom and truths are not nice and what is not nice is not peace. Women learn to neuter sister kinship language, their mother tongue, right from the cradle into music/media industry and that of women’s peace conferences.
The “what is not nice to say”- is sister kinship language that binds and integrates the harmony of solidarity amongst grandmothers and mothers speaking their truth, realities of lived experience in a flash fire speed.
Female Rage is female social justice channeled into peaceful dimensions.
That is peace. That is courage and bravery.
When will women, especially us white women with the economic means remember and be open to sister kinship language?
I would rather be slapped with a grandmother’s cane and threatened with my life than the bullets, bombs and rapes.

2:38 PM  

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