Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Take Me to the Movies, Please

We have a date for the movies. Seems some one with the means to put together a documentary has gotten fed up with the media's blindness to the executive branch's total incompetence, if you're giving the benefit of the doubt, or criminality, if you're not. And this same person has made a documentary of what the U.S. did to Iraq.

If you could sit through Fehrenheit 911 without doing any damage to yourself or others, you should be able to get through this one, too.

In "No End In Sight," first-time director Charles Ferguson sets out to explore the management of the war in Iraq in the months following the US-led invasion in March 2003.
"I knew most of the large-scale facts: but when I learned just how crazy and just how stupid much of the administration's behavior was, I found myself quite dumbfounded," he added, citing Coalition Provisional Authority chief Paul Bremer's May 2003 decision to disband the Iraqi army as a prime example.

Critics and analysts have said the decision was instrumental in fueling the Iraqi insurgency, leaving hundreds of thousands of young Iraqis with military experience unemployed and seething with resentment.

"Bremer made this decision on (CPA defense advisor) Walter Slocombe's recommendation, when neither of them had been to Iraq and Bremer had been on the job for only nine days," Ferguson said.

"What do you say when you learn something like that? And there were many, many things like that, dozens of them."
Asked whether he believed the film had uncovered evidence of impeachable offenses, Ferguson was similarly equivocal.

"Is unbelievable carelessness and stupidity an impeachable offense?" he asks. "I don't know ... I really don't."

It's good to know that the number of us disenchanted with U.S. press coverage of atrocities is increasing, and the more who put together factual analyses, the better. This is a good addition to our growing knowledge, and to growing amazement at how badly the country is being served by those in high offices.

If you're watching Abu Gonzales making the administration's disregard for law more obvious every day, you may join me in thinking his 'testimony' yesterday was another dry run for the White House. If he isn't prosecuted for criminal conduct, the whole bunch of them is safe.

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