Sunday, September 30, 2007

Fighting the Constitution is Pitting Cretin-1 Against Own Regulars

Schadenfreude is easy to savor. In his denial of the constitution's power over him, the cretin in chief is succeeding in forcing some of his own former loyalists to defend the country against usurpation of powers.

The State of Texas, I repeat, the State of Texas, is challenging him in rejection of the rule of law. Yes, I am celebrating.

It is the official, considered position of the state of Texas that President Bush is a constitutionally ignorant power-grabber.

An unusual case that the Supreme Court will hear as it begins its new term features Texas accusing its former chief executive of overstepping his office, by ordering Texas judges to comply with an International Court of Justice ruling involving a condemned killer from Mexico.

"It is, in my judgment, a breathtaking order," the state's chief appeals lawyer, Solicitor General Ted Cruz, said a few days ago as he previewed his arguments for the Federalist Society, a conservative legal group. "This president's exercise of this power is egregiously beyond the bounds of presidential authority."

It's an extraordinary confrontation, not just because Mr. Bush used to live in the Governor's Mansion but because his chief accuser helped put him into the White House. Mr. Cruz served as domestic policy adviser to the Bush-Cheney campaign, was a key player during the Florida recount in 2000, coordinated hiring for the Justice Department and served as an associate deputy attorney general.
Mexico went to the International Court of Justice, which in March 2004 ruled that U.S. courts should review the Medellín case and 50 other tainted convictions. But the U.S. appeals court in New Orleans rejected Mr. Medellín's appeal because he hadn't raised the issue in his trial. The Supreme Court also refused to overturn his conviction.

In February 2005, Mr. Bush announced he would order state courts to comply with the International Court ruling.

The problem is that the Constitution gives U.S. presidents no direct authority over courts, state or federal.

At the time, of course, that he committed this illegal action, he was accepting the advice of later Attorney General Abu Gonzales. This would indicate that we had early warning about the damage that would be done if that entity had power over the laws, which head of Department of Justice enjoys.

If future hearings on acceptance of nominees don't heed the early warnings of criminal leanings by nominees for high office, they should be rejected by the voters. We have come to a dangerous state, and learned that taking an oath of office doesn't mean that a proven lawless person is any assurance that he will keep the oath.

No more criminals, ever.

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Excellent work.

Sheesh. I've got to run out for popcorn.

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