Monday, September 17, 2007


YUP, I kept on keeping up and this a.m. in a hilarious cheap motel in Amarillo listening to Greenspan doing a hatchett job on his former gods was too too much fun. I cannot tell you how I enjoy seeing the debacle. If they had guillotinnes, the floors at the RNC would be slippery by now. I really think that Greenspan would not have spoken negatively as he did if he did not see how really badly we are about to learn that the born again crowd has done more damage than anyone can fix without deep dedicated reversal of all their messes.

Economics is not just an inexact science of course, it is a kind of supposition, making it the suppository science, I do think. Greenspan lasted so long as a guru by his abilities of speaking in gibberish. Anyone can make anything out of gibberish, and anyone now about to chime in that that's why the Bible has been so long with us may do so. (Consider yourself chimed.)

The DFH's were highly appreciated here, too, and finding out Diane is as intelligent and acute in person as in blogdom is nice. That she actually knows a godawful lot about Indian pottery and culture is downright intimidating, when you go shopping for kitch for the grandkids and learn how the real stuff is created and why.

Soon, when I get to the office and have real computer stuff I will post pics that lovely people like L'il Red and Uncle Smokes took and are glad to share. Bandolier is full of cavedweller cultural artifacts, and more compelling than I had even suspected. Again, petroglyphs that tell us exciting minds were here before, and we can learn from them still. (Hopefully maybe I will create something like that too, one day, Diane already has.)

My pics will be back next week some time. I still don't have any of antelopes, by the time you realize they're there you would seriously endanger a trucker or six if you tried to stop in time to take a picture.

There is nothing like spending some time living an exciting life to clear up the mind.

Sorry, the news from the hospital is that my ex is very likely only being maintained by machines, practically no expectations of any recovery there and decisions that have to be made are not what you wish onto anyone.

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Anonymous Tena said...

O Ruth, I'm sorry to hear about your ex. That's awful.

2:56 PM  
Blogger FeralLiberal said...

Hi Ruth, glad to hear you had a good time, and am looking forward to the pics!

6:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Look, it's Tena! Hey, y'all-sorry to have missed you at the fair, Tena, and all of you later at the Woodshed. Just too much to do in my small time off.

Ruth, closing arguments started today. My recap of the government's closing is this: HLF lied, lied, lied, Hamas, Hamas, Hamas, brainwashing of children, scary bombings, people talking about Hamas RIGHT HERE IN AMERICA, EEK!, Hamas, Hamas, Hamas, lies, lies, lies, Hamas, Hamas, Hamas.

Also, to anyone who gets the Dallas Morning News, please do not believe the dreck you read in there about a certain bigtime trial going on right now in Dallas.


8:19 PM  

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