Saturday, November 24, 2007

Iraqi Snark

After all the horrors of the past 4+ years, and with no end to those horrors in sight, I am astounded that the Iraqis have somehow managed to keep their humor intact. Here's a rather lengthy excerpt from an op-ed piece from the November 13, 2007 Azzaman:

The world still has a confused picture of human cloning. Great nations still don't consider the religious ramifications that are so often raised further a-field. And then there are more immediate fears, which the major intelligence services are hesitant to disclose. Yet the criminalization of human cloning has not been accomplished … and may not be until the storm of cloning becomes a reality.

Certain people are so volatile that if they were cloned, it could throw everything else out of kilter. There's already a controversy over whether cloning President Bush would be accompanied by a repeated declaration of world war centered on Afghanistan and Iraq.

Would the cloning of personalities from the Soviet period reintroduce the Cold War, or even revive the danger of a comprehensive nuclear exchange? The Chinese, who have been experts for thousands of years on taxidermy, acupuncture and herbal medicine, might be surprised to learn that now they could restore people from the era of Confucius … or, perhaps a newly-restored leader from the golden era of the Red Army might take umbrage at recent agreements between Washington and Beijing?

It may be that Arab citizens would be the least ambitious in this regard. After all, it would be rare to find an Arab citizen who aspires to clone an Arab ruler, since Arabs long for leadership that will make it possible for him to improve his lot and live in freedom ...

But even more serious dangers could emerge. If Iraq's cloning scientists felt like taking out "double spite" against their own people and the Americans, they could play a prank on both Iraqis and the White House by secretly cloning Prime Minister Nouri Al-Maliki … What then, would be the future of the Americans in this country? ... Would Iraqis be thrust into a new dark age? How many decades of the reign of the militias, death squads and corruption would this bleeding people have to endure!?
[Emphasis in the original]

Grim, bitter gallows humor, but funny nonetheless. And that has to leave a mark somewhere, at least one hopes so.



Blogger shrimplate said...

The psychopaths will be the first to insist upon cloning themselves, and we already have too many of those.

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