Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Winning Ways

What is this confusing element coming out and voting? Young people or independents, crossover demons, disillusioned, naive or tinfoil hat emanation?

Since early on I have enjoyed the element of the mobile phone dependent, those that don't even have land lines pollsters can call on. Before them, there were the oversold, who signed up to have their phones banned from sales lists, although as we all know, the calls kept coming. Now we don't answer, ever. If you get a recording when you call my landline, if you know me, you say "If you're there, Ruth, pick up", and if you don't expect me to recognize your voice, you'll say your name or tell me why I need to talk to you.

Let's get real, anyone who answers those calls from poll takers is either old as Methuselah (anyone remember him?), expecting an important call, keeping some one from getting through to some one else in the household (gotcha), or has such undesirable demograhics that any call is welcome.

Why are these people voting? Things are so bad that everyone's wellbeing is impacted. No one can escape the past 7+ years' effects. Try buying milk. Bake cookies for the kids' class and you'll run screaming from the whole shopping list. Fill the gas tank. Get sneakers. Go to the movies. Fly to another place where you might be able to afford meds. Heat the house, if you stay home from all those challenges. Ouch. It hurts.

The Democratic primaries are attracting a fabulous vote count, and while some speculation insists that its those crossover votes, the stark facts convince me that's too simplistic. I have myself encountered those GoPervs who crossed over here in the N.TX. heavily rightwing districts to vote for a worst case Dem since there was no doubt who they'd be running against. I haven't encountered overwhelming numbers of them, and the ones I talked to thought they were so unusually smart, I doubt they had taken many other wingers with them.

Seeing all these young, politically unversed, disaffected voters showing up, let's just try putting ourselves in the position of the party that has involved them in a unilateral and totally disastrous war with no hope of an outcome less than dishonorable, that has the economy in the ditch, that has payed corporations to offshore jobs, that has kept wages below life support level, that has ruined our schools, that has turned the entire executive branch into corporate welfare with shills in its directorships, that has eschewed friendly relations with every country in the world, destroyed our military and has ended the golden age of the rule of law. To mention a few ways we've established limited government, i.e. government limited to cronies.

How are you going to get votes?

Obviously, you have no respect for the public since they've voted you into office twice.

You can try to ruin the other candidates for those new voters that you don't know anything about.

You can say Dems are socialists. That's easy since socialism is a great name for those programs that feature distribution to the needy of jobs, education, wages, health care. Of course, you have to ignore that the deprivation of our needy has only meant ruination for the rest of the economy, without their buying power. Now we have remedial "socialism", I guess, called "stimulus", that frankly aims to return buying power to the consumer that has been battered down for 7+ years. Nice. To revive the economy, undo all the trickle down, tax cuts for the wealthy, corporate welfare they keep claiming makes our economy "strong". Black is white.

You can attack the opponents' records. It's because of basic flaws and weaknesses that they haven't managed to overturn the GoPervian atrocities. That works, sure, in the face of obstructionism in the Senate that has made every issue and every vote subject to filibuster, where a majority can't rule anymore. Maybe not.

There's that standby line about islamofascism, that the opposition to war is terrorist since that's the only element that will profit from ending the war that's destroying this country while creating more terrorists every day. Except for everyone in the country that will be better off and the 60+% who say they have realized this, well you can fool all of them. Funny, that 20+% might not be worth pitching to. See "Is The Lily Livered West an Unindicted Co-Conspirator of Islamo-Fascism?"

Well, here we are with one really great idea left for defeating the public yet again. Divide and conquer.

Hillary is campaigning, she's saying reasons to vote for her, and not for Barack Obama. He's doing the same. Well that's easy. She's racist or she'd support him. He's a chauvinist pig, (same age as Methusaleh), or he'd support her.

Go for it. I'm shutting off the campaign news, myself. I've been listening and following internet real news for 10 years, at least, I'm not letting myself be bumfuzzled by the noise of the Wise Men now. They haven't listened to me all these years, and I'm returning the compliment.

I will vote for a Democrat, and that is the only way we can turn around the disaster. If you haven't realized that yet, please at least stay home from the polls, you're not up to the task.

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Anonymous Vicar said...

Nice points about the pollster problems and how this administration might be losing the technogically competent vote...but what is a goperv? I mean I think I get it, but...

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