Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Campaign Is Over, Sweets

Something that happens inside a campaign is mutual support.

When you see that the country needs what you have to offer, and you know that the controlling party, in this case war criminals, has done a great deal of damage that you know you can fix, it makes you pretty determined. You need, your country needs, what you have to offer.

By now you have probably realized I have been in campaigns, I know how it feels to be Hillary Clinton. She's done an amazing job as the Senator from New York, and not so long ago everyone was saying she was not going to get elected, etc. etc.

Why wouldn't she keep going?

But it's the numbers.

In the Senate, a minority keeps us from being represented - because they can stop any bill for weeks, even piddling changes everyone agrees are needed. Just because it keeps the Democratic majority from accomplishing what the country needs, the right wing keeps stalling everything. The country is not what they care about, the power is all they really can see, or understand.

This needs to stop. Our economy has been destroyed, we have been led into a purposeless and endless war, we are the object of the entire world's distaste as well as anyone who cares about humanity, this country has endorsed the torture that every civilized being condemns - that is what matters. We need to win the coming election, not just for us, but for the entire world.

So I am asking Hillary Clinton to withdraw. I know, you know too, you would do a good job, and this country needs you. But as it stands, the job of president needs to be done. Obama will win it. Time to begin working to end the destruction of this country that the right wing has effected.

You aren't losing. You're winning. By doing this for all of us.

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Anonymous Karen said...

I don't think she will, no matter the cost. MSM is trotting out poll after poll that says she can win against McCain, which, of course, is in the right wing's best interest. *sigh*

11:04 AM  
Anonymous elbrucce said...

Better for empty suit Obama to get out of it. He's just a wannabe who gives good speech. Maybe if he disavows Joe Leiberman the way he did Rev. Wright, we can reconsider. Otherwise he's just another con on the make.

10:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

elbrucce: 'Empty suit' like Abraham Lincoln? He wasn't even a Senator when he ran for president.

Besides, Hillary's a lot closer to the Lieberschmuck than Obama could ever be. Even after Lieberman betrayed her and Bill back in September of 1998.

Speaking of 1998, it's rather sickening for Hillary to use Reverend Wright the way she has, considering that he answered the call to help her and Bill in their hour of greatest need, by being part of the godly human shield, four days after the Lieberman betrayal.

Meanwhile, could you please tell Hillary to stop echoing McCain on the gas tax? She's undercutting Congressional Democrats on this just to score points. Make her stop.

7:55 AM  

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