Saturday, April 12, 2008

Your Future Is Threatened

Time has come to take a real look at McCain's ideas for America, should he by some disaster be elevated to the White House. Of course, the 100 years he will happily continue sending U.S. troops to die for no purpose whatsoever in Iraq is a beginning.

As Avedon pointed out this a.m. at The Sideshow, he is quite capable of telling a blatant lie about his stands on issues.

His reversal of his own YOYO (You're On Your Own) policy with respect to homebuyers threatened with foreclosure is typical of his public positions. On social security, again, he has more than one intention on record,

McCain's definitive position is difficult to ascertain. He calls Social Security and Medicare funding a problem that needs to be addressed quickly. "No problem is more in need of honesty than the looming financial challenges of entitlement programs," he says.

McCain told The Wall Street Journal on March 3 that "as part of Social Security reform, I believe that private savings accounts are a part of it — along the lines that President Bush proposed."

Still a 'big problem'

In 2005, Bush said that in order to fix Social Security "we must make it a better deal for our younger workers by allowing them to put part of their payroll taxes in personal retirement accounts." Such accounts would be voluntary, and the funds would go into what Bush called "a conservative mix of bond and stock funds."

Despite McCain's apparent endorsement of that plan, economic policy adviser Douglas Holtz-Eakin said in an interview this week that McCain wasn't endorsing replacing guaranteed Social Security benefits with such accounts.

Aside from the rather telling detail that advisers are denying McCain meant what he said, this is a good indication of the McCain point of view. He is committing to continuing that White House that has brought the country to its disastrous conditions at present.

Social Security of course, is not a threat, it is Iraqi war spending that is breaking the bank. It is, however, the most successful and best 'entitlement' program in our country, and thereby a threat to the party of the rich against the poor.

Reversing the Robin Hood tendency of taxes for public services is a basic need felt by the GoPerverts. They inveigh constantly against support for the indigent, and for support for the wealthy. The present GoPerverted argument against support for homeowners threatened with foreclosures is that it favors the desperate, but gives nothing to those not in need. This is rather like arguing that schools are unfair, since the childless don't need them.

One of the arguments advanced in favor of privatising Social Security is that Chile did so with great success. Of course, Chile's system comprised only those who were employed in the private economy, not a majority of its populace. Now Chile is compensating by including the poor, the employees of its underground economy, in that support system.

Chile is undertaking its biggest overhaul ever of its pioneering private pension system, adding sweeping public payouts for the low-income elderly.

The new $2 billion-a-year program will expand public pensions to groups left out by private pensions - the poor and self-employed, homewives, street vendors and farmers who saved little for retirement - granting about a quarter of the nation's work force public pensions by 2012.

The program, to be signed into law Tuesday, is the most ambitious pension plan for the poor in the region, according to David Titelman, a social security expert at the United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean.

The so-called Solidarity Pensions of President Michelle Bachelet will supplement, not scrap, the current private pensions, while salaried employees continue paying in to private funds in a combination of state subsidy and free market.

As usual, representing the party that took public service off the table requires lying about facts. Continuing the present worst administration in history would be an unmitigated disaster. That candidate McCain sanguinely offers to destroy his country further is not surprising, he's maintained he's a 'square talker' - while saying one thing and doing another for an entire career.

When the GoPervian party controlled the House, in the small hours an immense appropriations bill was brought to the floor for a vote. Hard perusal by overtaxed aides turned up one provision that enabled anyone at all, with permission from the chairman of Appropriations, to have a right to see IRS records of any U.S. citizen. Even the fiends of his own party were shocked by that violation of basic rights. McCain swore that such conditions for considering a bill would never occur again. He broke his word. That is just one instance of the perfidy McCain's career has contained.

I really want to see the Democrats start combating the evil we are faced with, rather than each other. The important fact about GoPerv candidates: if their lips are moving they're lying.

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