Sunday, July 27, 2008


There's just so much to be said for preventing crime. Let's see, if you make an economically viable system, where jobs are available to keep people from stealing to feed their families, that would help. If you make education adequate to enable our population to find jobs that are there, just think of the crime you'd prevent. That would be something that you'd think our great minds are working on, right?

Oh, sure. Prevention is a matter to WaPo editorialists of emprisoning people who might commit crimes. Forget making crime unattractive, because it is not needed, and will hurt you and your family.

Would I kid you? Yep, WaPo has this terrific position in the torture administration. It enables the ending of the rule of law - that was what made this country great.

But modern realities strongly argue against using the federal courts as the exclusive arena to hold or try all terrorism suspects. Most terrorism prosecutions, including the 1993 World Trade Center case, are brought after terrorists have struck. The first priority of a president must be to protect the country from attack. The president must have the legal flexibility to detain those against whom there is credible, actionable intelligence but not enough evidence to bring charges.

Traditional federal court proceedings also present security challenges. Although the most sensitive national security information could be shielded from public consumption through existing laws, the openness of federal court proceedings risks handing unclassified but valuable information to those who would harm this country. The protections afforded to defendants in federal court -- including the right against self-incrimination -- work against legitimate intelligence-gathering interests.
The next president must be held to a higher standard, but he should not be hamstrung in his ability to protect the country because of the profound lapses in judgment of the current administration.(Emphasis added.)

There you go, it wasn't right, what the war criminals did, but we have to make the world safe for continuing their crimes.

It makes me sick to see the wriggling around trying to make torture and denying rights to human beings okay. It isn't - not ever.

Preventing crime involves creating a society that has reasonable ways for its citizena to make it. It doesn't involve searching out those terraists, or DFH's, who may not accept that the economic and political means are not available to them. It involves justice, a concept that seems too much of a challenge to the morons who are supposed to be presenting the facts to us readers, thinkers, people here in the real world.

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