Friday, August 29, 2008

Invisible and Loving It

The war issue, that forgotten crisis that Sen. Barack Obama hit on last night, shows the total lack of judgment that is being touted as 'experience' by McAyn's campaign. It was being messy and getting all nuanced and stuff yesterday while nobody watched.

Funny thing, the foolhardywar we started with/in Iraq was being executed either for or by our buddies, the Shi'ites in the beginning. It hasn't gone at all well for their opposition Sunni party, or for the world - especially for the U.S. That has something to do with the cronyism that is a shady side of politics and is taken to an extreme in so many Middle Eastern countries.

For the war criminals, Shi'ite fronting for the U.S. has meant that our allies gave us lots of rhetorical support, while for the Shi'ites it has meant that they could take our money and keep selling us on what axis of evil types they are keeping out of power. Somehow, the government of Iraq remains dysfunctional while the opposition Sunnis are kept outside the Green Zone.

The arrest of Ali al-Lami -- which happened Wednesday in Baghdad as he left a plane arriving from Lebanon -- reinforced suspicions about Iran's influence within the Shi'ite-led Iraqi government and could open wider investigations into Shi'ite networks, including possible links to Lebanon's Hizballah.

Al-Lami heads a commission responsible for keeping loyalists to former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, a Sunni, out of government posts. He has been a target of criticism from Sunni leaders who claim the government wants to limit the overall Sunni voice in political and security issues.

He was arrested by U.S. and Iraqi troops at the airport as he returned with his family from medical treatment in Beirut, said a member of his commission, Qaiser Watout.

U.S. military officials would not confirm the arrest of al-Lami, who has been involved in government affairs since shortly after Hussein's fall in 2003.

But the U.S. command said a suspected senior leader of Iran-backed Special Groups militias was detained at the airport on allegations of planning the June 24 bombing of a municipal building in Sadr City, a Shi'ite district in the capital. Two U.S. soldiers and two State Department employees died in the blast, along with six Iraqis.
Iraqi Shi'ite parties that dominate the government maintain close ties to Iran, where many key figures spent years in exile during Hussein's rule. U.S. officials long have maintained that Iran's Revolutionary Guards, through its Quds Force, arms and trains Shi'ite extremists -- a charge Iran denies.

The money we are pouring into our war in the total mystery of Iraq is as usual doing this country, and the cause of peace, more harm than good. Of course, the Shi'ites can always be linked to Iran when they don't do what we intended. What our government functionaries seem unable to do is influence any of the various factions to work with us. As al-Maliki has definitively shown, any alliance with the war criminals of the U.S. if death to political gains in Iraq.

It's always amusing to see the freepers, quoted here, blaming Iran for the vicissitudes of our shifting 'allies'. The influence of Iran seems to have come as a shock to the supporters of our idiotic war.

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OpenID lakelobos said...

I don't understand neither the US in Iraq nor this post. The Shiites are close the Iranians mainly because they are both Shiites in a sea of Sunnis. Iran served as their refuge during Saddam's days. Why is it surprising that Iran has huge influence in Iraq?

The Sunnis oppressed the Shiites during Sddam's days; the Middle East is as raw as Europe was just 60 years ago, and there is no genocide in the Middle East. Why are we surprised that the Shiites resort to violence.

Experts on Iraq said as much before Bush went to war. At work two Middle Eastern knew from the beginning that this is exactly what is going to happen. If you kept your eye open and you knew Iraq, what happened was predictable.

5:50 AM  
Anonymous larry, dfh said...

"cronyism ... in so many Middle Eastern countries." Well I live between two rivers, they're not the Tigris and Euphrates, but the Delaware and the Susquehanna. Lemme tell you about how our Attorney General got his job. Oh, did I mention he is the son of joe everyman?

9:52 PM  

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