Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Pictures from Chile

We were building houses, actually got the walls and roof structure up on six of them. A group will come in shortly, finish the outside shingling that we didn't get up, wall the inside of the house and put on the roofing. We were very productive, and you will see in the pictures of the worksites that some good solid frames were accomplished, some nice durable homes will be there for some families that wouldn't be able to get the materials and do the work without the help.

For those not familiar with Habitat for Humanity, the building group applies for the trip and is screened for ability/compatability with the building project. We pay our way, and by the fees we pay, some recreation is provided along with the work. Some are sponsored, any participant can raise the money at their own website that Habitat will help them put up. The Kid (my son, Jose) and I have always wanted to do something like this, paid our own way and count ourselves well repaid by learning, doing, learning.

Casablanca, Chile, scenery, this is from the hill at Indomita vineyards, a grape plant with the valley spread out below the winery which is on top a small hill. This is the main employment, growing grapes, and distilling the wine.

The family we are building for, there will be five children. To the right a house already houses a family, that is giving land to the homeowners-to-be. They help with the house, building and paying some off.

Putting the braces up on the roof. The house being worked on is pretty far along here, we built the walls and roof forms, nailed them together, and the braces on top will support the roofing.

The hardest to build, we had to tear down a concrete wall portion and then start on the frame. Juan, Master Builder, in green shirt.

Roses in Spring - October, Casablanca, Chile.

Other pics at Flickr site, http://www.flickr.com/photos/24541926@N08/

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