Sunday, February 15, 2009

My Congressman: David Dreier

I got the expected email from Mr. Dreier explaining why he voted against the economic stimulus plan. It wasn't good enough, says David. My plan was better, says David. It was too much spending and not enough tax cuts, says David. Oh, hell, you can read it here. Just your typical CYA, chest beating, self-serving bs email from an elected representative.

But David went even further: he put up a list of things which particularly appalled him at his official web site. Here's a taste:

$2 billion for ACORN, an organization that has been linked to numerous allegations of voter fraud

$8 billion in bonuses to states that increase welfare roles over the next two years

$45 million for fish passage barriers

$8 billion for a magnetic-levitation railway to Las Vegas

$5.5 billion to retrofit federal buildings including $450 to design and furnish the DHS headquarters

$25 million to re-decorate the Smithsonian Institution facilities

Removes E-Verify provisions that require any company receiving a contract paid for with funding from the bill to verify the legal status of new employees to ensure taxpayer money is not used to hire illegal workers.

I assume the $450 to design and furnish the DHS headquarters is a typo, but with David, you can never be sure. He gets his "facts" from strange and unknown sources. Well, maybe not so unknown, but certainly strange.

What is especially noteworthy is what stands at the top of this list (and it is at the top of the list on his site): the money earmarked for (gasp!) ACORN. This claim has been debunked across the board over the past few days, but that doesn't matter to David, not at all.

David also doesn't like projects to "redecorate" and "retrofit" government buildings. The fact that people will have to be hired and materials purchased to make government buildings more energy efficient just doesn't sit well with him. And he really doesn't like projects which might stabilize the rapidly deteriorating environment. But what he really hates is that people who are out of work, out of money, and out of their homes might actually get some financial assistance because that would put them on the dole.

Here, David, have another glass of Kool-Aid.



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