Monday, April 27, 2009

End Times

Hope the title didn't frighten you, but I did have a little chat with a very nice waiter in the elegant restaurant (where you have to dress up, and there are several courses, and yes, it's included in the trip charges) and he announced that we're in the end times, then went right on with talking about his home in Jamaica. Funny, if he thinks it's the end times, he ought to be glad to have me on board.

My history with blowing away is growing, after having lost a roof in early April. Living on tornado alley means that isn't all that uncommon, of course, and I've had to replace roofs previously. Last night the wind came up here on our way from the Italian peninsula to Sicily, and the winds were whipping up a lot of white caps. This morning on our way into port, I got a view of something I never saw before, those horses of the sea's manes blowing in the wind. Yes, we've probably all heard it before. But from my lower deck porthole, I could look at the waves whipping up that high, their froth tops were taken by the wind and blown out in long streaming froth from the top of the wave, making wonderful whips out of the froth. I think if I had never been on the sea when it happened, and right on the level of the waves, I would never have seen that happen. Hopefully my pictures, taken through the porthole, will turn out. If I'd been on deck, I wouldn't have been able to see those whipping wavetops streaming out in the sky. I feel very good, and very fortunate.

The upper deck have balconies. I have incredible sights. I choose my porthole, and of course, decided when I chose my cabin that if I wanted to watch the sea, I'd go on deck. Little did I know.

Last night, the captain announced this a.m., we were sailing through close to hurrican level winds, blowing 64 knots. I think I'm just zephyrric by nature, new word. Of course, I check the weather reports and understand my little area of north Texas has had more tornadoes, looking to see if I have a roof to replace again when I get back.

Hope you all are well, and that you are having exceptional experiences too.

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Anonymous Marcellina said...

About the butterflies, it seems lots of people are missing them. My parents have a Butterfly Bush which still attracts them, but not in the numbers they used to be.

I just planted some Butterfly Bush seeds myself, in the hopes of giving some refreshment to any strays fluttering by.

2:00 AM  
Blogger Ruth said...

Hope you have good results. Maybe they'll like your tomatoes, too? Or at least the flowers.

9:50 AM  
Blogger Ruth said...

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9:50 AM  

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