Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Attacking Her Abilities

Having heard a dirty deed done twice now, I am as usual appalled at the sheer baseness of those rightwingers who represent what used to be the Republican party. On Newshour May 29th and again on Washington Journal May 31, those who'd been given a place in the media arena representing opponents of nominated Justice Sotomayor claimed she wasn't much of an intellect, but was a beneficiary of affirmative action to get a place on the court.

That's right, in order to go to the law review at Yale after graduating Summa from Princeton, what do you need? She isn't a white male, so it can't be by her abilities. If it isn't intellect, it has to be the eternal bĂȘte noir of Affirmative Action.

From the University of Utah law professor, Paul Cassell, on Newshour, came the observations that reading her decisions showed her reasoning was 'ordinary', and her writing showed she was not going to be able to 'do anything more than resolve the case in front of her'. (If you have the stomach for it, see the linked tape at about 22:50ff.)

From Pat Buchanan, flailing about on Washington Journal, the observation came much like Cassell's, that proposed Justice Sotomayor was lightweight at best, reading at kindergarten level, and only commented on the facts (if you have the stomach, start at about 1:05:33, especially 1:09:00 for Pinocchio). Buchanan at least comes out front with his accusation of affirmative action, though he attributes it to some one else, and says we have to stand up for white men.

The sterling example of existing Justice Scalia was used to counter her abilities, with attendant admiration for Scalia's soaring rhetoric promoting rightwing ideology.

Yes, we know these as rantings from the abyss the wingnuts live in where ideology must be imposed on the world before rational thought leads to the hell of their not being in charge.

For the winger lotus eaters in the audience, though, reassurance that only affirmative action could have elevated a dark-complected female above their idols is being proffered. Having grown up in the south during the freedom rides, I've seen 'code' used before. When you can't use the 'N' word in polite society, 'our friend from the other side of town' will have to suffice.

The insouciance of our winger clowns in the face of facts is a long practiced art, and it keeps the anxieties of their believers held back to avoid acknowledging simple truths. If that believer faction stops sending in the contributions, and the emails/calls/tweets/snail mail shouting out for more, the media would have to turn to reality-based judgments from thinking sources. When that happens, the wingers are lost.

Moving on from appalled, I do begin to admire wingnuts' increasing desperation in the face of the inevitable unwinding of their latest revisionism. Future Justice Sotomayor will be confirmed. That is a major reason why the media can find only blithering idiots to represent the opposition. When she is on the bench, the mantra that she is of ordinary capabilities (pssst! and rose only through affirmative action) is going to be knocked on its head. Why, even hosts on news shows might point out the obvious fallacies!

Depending on the public's forgetfulness has become riskier daily as us bloggers show our hateful qualities of memory and thinking circles around the lame denizens of rightwing ideology.

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