Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Clinton Did It

They're still out there, making up ways to blame the disasters produced by right wing ideology on US. Yes, we fought against them, voted against, and demonstrated less often than we should have against, the Eat the Poor policies that now your wingers want to blame on us.

From my comments on the post about abstinence-only education increasing pregnancies and disease;


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This old fake fact seems to work it's way around the web over and over. It's interesting that no one ever sites data sources unless it comes from Planned Parenthood which itself does not site any scientific facts either. And let us stop blaming Bush, the Abstinence only Sex Ed was a Clinton era program that also ran through the Bush administrations time. They did not start it Clinton did
2:34 PM
Blogger Ruth said...

SAdly it had to be the kids that took the brunt of the research conducted by the wingnuts, as shown in Dallas not long ago, and now nationally. We don't need to show the birth certificate in this one.
2:50 PM
Blogger Ruth said...

sorry, forgot to put in the info;
'Abstinence-only policies go back to the early years of Ronald Reagan and intensified while Bill Clinton was in office, when Republicans slipped a provision into welfare reform legislation. Bush began his crusade from the mid-Nineties when he was governor of Texas.'
2:55 PM

They're still out there, trying to keep the public interest from being represented, then blaming us when they defeat what would be best for everyone, including themselves.

Those of you who work, visit or live with the crazies know, the arguments are put out to right wing groups, and disaster results while the wingers keep on insisting that if only you give them their way everything will be ideal. The proof that they have procided that this just is totally wrong does not work on the crazies. Newest mantra, the H1N1 virus is made of baby juices and something from monkeys.

The only way to counter craziness is treatment. As you have heard from me if you've read these posts for awhile, treatment isn't always effective to do more than drive the crazies into hiding what they really think, as a close family member of mine shows me often. Those freeper posts and commenters, and callers to CSpan who inform sometimes educated and informed hosts that the Jews are running the country and hold secret ceremonies which include xtian blood, that the president was born in Kenya, that the Secretary of State is in a lesbian collusion against straight education and besides, President Clinton is responsible for 911 and the economy tanking - it goes on and on - are real and they walk among us.

The only way I know to counter them is to repeat, and publish, facts. By doing that here, I hope that I've helped you and thinking intelligent life forms somewhat. I will be posted on future afternoons, on Saturdays and Sundays, at where I hope that you will visit, as I will continue offering some help for us to perpetuate sane policies and thought.

And, yes, my glance does cause milk to spoil ... if you leave it out of the refrigerator long enough.

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