Friday, July 10, 2009

Yes, Another Vacation Piece

A remarkable piece of heroism produced a piece of legislation passed by the Texas legislature. Here is a post about it;

DNA Proof of Injustice Too Much for Chief Justice
On the frontier of better things for the state of Texas, TX Supreme Court Chief Justice Wallace B. Jefferson joins forces with the Dallas Morning News to seek real justice.

In the face of repeated cases that saw convictions overturned when DNA evidence proved the verdicts were wrong, Chief Justice Jefferson is calling for oversight of the system. A commission to review the process in the cases that were decided incorrectly, and take a closer look at the kind of proceedings that can be reformed to correct our system has his support. Legislation has been introduced to institute this commission, introduced by TX Senator Rodney Ellis.

Sadly, the Supreme Court in its term just ended refused to require states to utilize DNA evidence when it is available. The result is that in order to be imprisoned, a convict does not have to be adjudged guilty by all the evidence the state has.
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