Wednesday, November 04, 2009

The Democrats Made Glenn Beck Cry ... Again

I admit it: I didn't think off year elections were as significant as mid-term elections, and I still don't. While I'm sorry the Democrats lost in two governors' races (Jon Corzine's loss actually lifted one of my eyebrows), I don't really believe that those losses signal the end of the Democratic Party.

That said, I do admit that I found one election result rather interesting: a Democrat won the House seat in New York's 23rd District. That's the one in which a moderate Republican withdrew from the race after the ultraconservatives (led by Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin) endorsed the Conservative Party candidate because he was, well, really conservative.

The district has been a Republican stronghold for generations, and the party has represented parts of it since the 19th century.

The battle became one of the most closely followed races in the nation, drawing in some of the biggest forces in politics in both parties. Republicans who viewed the race as a test of the party’s most deeply held conservative principles — including Sarah Palin, the former governor of Alaska; Gov. Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota, a presidential hopeful; and grass-roots groups that have forcefully opposed Democratic economic and health care policies — rallied behind Mr. Hoffman.

The base-base of the Republican Party see the election as a victory, one which signals the GOP that teabagger-birther-tenthers are to be not to be ignored. They are capable of destroying the party, and they are perfectly willing to do just that. In the mean time, the Democrats just added to their majority in the House.

Heh, I guess I really do have a mean streak. I'm beginning to enjoy this.



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