Friday, November 13, 2009

When The Perfect Is The Enemy Of The Not Good Enough

Sometimes someone gets it so right that it is unnecessary to add a thing. Ellen Goodman's latest column is such an occasion.

Here's just a taste:

But the balance and the burden shifted. It’s now abortion rights supporters being told they must make further concessions or lose health care reform altogether. And, as Colorado Representative Diana DeGette said, “a lot of the people are angry. They feel like the liberals and progressives always cave in because they want the bigger goal. We have to draw the line somewhere.’’

Where exactly do you draw a line when the opposition keeps moving it? How do you compromise with those who are uncompromising? These questions are too common in our polarized climate, but the stakes are even higher in this debate.

If prochoice Democrats turn back reproductive rights, it proves that they can be rolled by intransigent opposition. And once rolled, it’s all downhill.

Now go read the entire column.

Then send each of your Democratic congress critters a voided check written to the DNC for "$0.00 NOT ONE RED CENT". If you have Republican representatives, send each of them a wire coathanger.

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