Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Cheney Tag Team

Watching America was a bit of a mixed bag this week. Oh, there were several articles on the START treaty, and a couple on Afghanistan and on/by Israel concerning Middle East peace talks, but no one subject dominated. It was, in other words, a really interesting visit.

I settled on one article for this week's review because it seemed an odd topic for another country's press to consider. Generally, still-living former leaders usually don't garner much attention by the world press unless they are delivering a major policy speech on behalf of the current administration, are arrested for corruption, or are just falling-down drunk. The world, however, is still fascinated by Dick Cheney and his daughter Liz.

From Germany's die Welt:

Critics call her a right-wing jihadist or Sarah Palin with a pedigree: Liz, daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney, is keeping the family tradition alive with aggression, defamation and the rewriting of history. She’ll have a remarkable political career.

It was supposed to be a backhanded compliment when one critic described Liz Cheney as “Sarah Palin with a pedigree” because of her law degree and her familial ties to a vice president. Another critic called her a right-wing jihadist, and yet another said she had the same rude manners as her father. Her propensity for getting talk show discussions red hot within seconds has all the fairness and charm of a partisan guerilla ambush.

Admirers and critics alike say the 34-year-old is Dick Cheney’s ideological heir as well as his legal advisor — and a chip off the old block. Nobody is outraged by Elizabeth Cheney Perry without granting her a certain amount of grudging respect. Those delighted that some of her positions lie further to the right of her father’s are already whispering of a possible congressional run in 2012.
[Emphasis added]

It certainly wouldn't be the first time a scion from a political family entered the electoral arena. As the columnist pointed out, its an American tradition that stretches back to the Adams family, moved through the Roosevelts, and on to the Bushes. It's usually, however, done with a little more finesse than Ms. Cheney is displaying at the present. Her claim, for example, that there were no terrorist attacks during her father's term as Vice President was a stunner. 9/11? The fault of the Clinton administration. The failed Easter bomber? Proof that President Obama is soft on terror.

It's clear that Liz Cheney is indeed "a chip off the old block," and the rest of the world is watching her progress with trepidation as well as amusement. After all, Vice President Cheney played a key role in the last administration, one that started two wars, trashed the rule of law when it was inconvenient, and helped set off a worldwide economic catastrophe.

To be honest, I'm a little nervous about her myself.

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