Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Interesting ... And Welcome News

The biggest assault on the Bill of Rights in my memory came with the Patriot Act in its several iterations. Passed by the security uber alles folks who also brought us the Iraq War, the Patriot Act authorized the US government to spy on its citizens with no real oversight. Key provisions are due to expire shortly, and the push is on in the Republican-led House to extend those provision indefinitely.

Some members of the 112th Congress are objecting to such extensions, and I was both surprised and pleased at where the opposition is coming from.

But as the Republican-led House prepares to vote Tuesday for a short-term extension of provisions expiring at the end of this month, some rank-and-file Republicans are signaling they will resist efforts later this year to make the law permanent.

"There need to be sunsets on the bill after that in order to have adequate accountability and oversight," said Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas). "Until sunsets come up, it is often difficult to get the answers we need to do necessary oversight to avoid abuses."
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Yes, especially those affiliated with or intimidated by the Tea Party. If you stop to think about it, that stance actually makes sense. It is consistent with the Tea Partiers' belief that the federal government is too intrusive in the lives of its citizens. When it comes to essentially warrantless surveillance, I have to agree with them.

Although I would have preferred they go all the way and repeal the Patriot Act entirely, at least it's a start, and a welcome one.

This is bipartisanship I can live with.

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Blogger VforVirginia said...

Can the abolish the Department of Vaterland Security and fire a whole shitload of useless TSA "agents?"


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