Tuesday, February 15, 2011


The center-left editorial board of the Los Angeles Times really lit into House Speaker Boehner today.


Of all the missteps the House Speaker has taken, whether the overuse of "job killer" as a descriptor for each and every White House proposal or the inability to rein in the obfuscation of the members of his party when it comes to the Constitution, LAT's brilliant board chose to nail the Speaker for not insisting more spiritedly that President Obama is a naturally born US citizen and therefor qualified to hold that title.

In an interview on NBC's "Meet the Press," Boehner was willing to concede that he believes Obama is both a native-born citizen and a Christian. But, the speaker said, that was because "I'll take him at his word," as if Obama's assurances were the only corroboration of his citizenship and his religion. In fact, a "certificate of live birth" establishes that he was born in Hawaii. As for his religion, Obama's involvement with a Chicago church is well documented.

Even more objectionable was Boehner's response to David Gregory's question about whether, as speaker, "it's your responsibility to speak out against that kind of ignorance?" Boehner responded: "David, it's not my job to tell the American people what to think. The American people have the right to think what they want to think."

Now, Dave Gregory's questions were bad enough, but we've all come to expect that from Sunday Morning Bobbleheads, especially on "Press the Flesh." The LAT editorial went beyond that by republishing the question and answer and then whining about it.

I guess it was a slow Valentine's Day downtown.



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