Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Simple Bloody Truth

If it's Sunday, it's Watching America day. This week's review was a bit tricky, because there really wasn't one overall theme. I didn't have to search long, however, before I found one article containing one sentence that captured my feelings succinctly.

From Germany's Neues Deutschland:

General Secretary Anders Fogh Rasmussen spoke of “a highly successful meeting” of NATO’s 28 ministers of defense. NATO would now be leaner and more flexible in order to better deal with future challenges. Probably true, since coming up with policies much worse and divisive than those in Afghanistan and Libya would be difficult. ...

Among the bloody lessons Germany has learned in Afghanistan is that political change can’t be bombed into anyone. Nevertheless, would-be global powers like France and Great Britain just won’t back off. And the United States is no longer in a position, nor is it prepared, to support every global war that comes along.
[Emphasis added]

If only the powers that run the US would finally conclude that bombing people into democracy just doesn't work! It might not stop all the wars, but it would remove one convenient excuse from the laundry list hauled out by the current occupier of the White House whenever he wanted to get his war on.



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