Saturday, July 02, 2011

The Begging Bowl

On Thursday night I got the news from my sister: my mother, who's in her 90s, was in the ICU and doing poorly. Her kidneys had stopped functioning and her blood pressure was sky high. The prognosis was very, very poor.

By yesterday afternoon, she had been moved from the ICU to a place where they provide "portal" treatment. In other words, she is dying and the medical providers are giving her palliative treatment to keep her as comfortable as possible.

Here's the hard part: my mother resides in Wisconsin. I live in Southern California. I would very much like to be with my mother, if only for her funeral. The problem is that I don't have the money for the plane ticket. I am working about ten hours a week and am sustaining myself with Social Security, which doesn't provide enough for such contingencies.

If you are in a position to help out, please click on the "donate" button on the top right, which will take you to PayPal.

If you can't help monetarily, and I know that most of us are squeezed right now, please send prayers/energy to me and to my family.

Substantive blogging will be sporadic over the next few days.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sure do understand the plane ticket thing. It looks like it will cost us over $1,000 to go home too!

I'll pray that we all will be able to go home - call today from hospice is that she is close now. I'm sure dad and Roman will greet her right at the gate! Love you.

2:29 PM  
Blogger jz said...

Have posted this blog on my facebook page. We'll get you home one way or another.

2:46 PM  

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