Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Things That Make You Go "Wow!"

I don't have much this morning. The news I scanned was pretty much the same bilge we get day after day, with the notable exception of the "fake Democrats" being whupped soundly in Wisconsin primaries as part of the recall efforts. What I do have, however, is pretty dramatic.

The Nation printed an insightful essay on the changing face of war by Barbara Ehrenreich. I urge you to read what Professor Ehrenreich has to say. It's lengthy, and it's not beach reading, so be prepared to spend some time reading and digesting her analysis.

What I found fascinating was the last section of the essay, the one in which she deals with the latest phase of war-making. With computerization and drones, more and more of the human element is being reduced. Her closing comments (which I will not provide here because it might spoil the fun) contain just the hint of optimism for humanity.

Go. Read.



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