Monday, August 29, 2011


Apparently the godless left has hurt the feelings of the good Christians running for office, at least that's the most charitable explanation I can come up with after reading Charlotte Allen's opinion piece in today's Los Angeles Times. Ms. Allen fills her polemic with references to books, articles, and blog posts all of which she claims prove that the left will go gunning for any conservative running for office who also happens to be a practicing Christian.

An election year is just around the corner, and right on schedule we're witnessing the return of the liberal obsession with conservative politicians' religious beliefs.

Every time a Republican candidate for high office surfaces who is also a dedicated Christian, the left warns in apocalyptic tones that if you vote for him, America will sink into a "theocracy." Long ago these fear-mongers warned us about Ronald Reagan. Then it was George W. Bush, and after that, Sarah Palin. Now it's Michele Bachmann and Rick Perry. Elect Perry or Bachmann, this year's warnings go, and make way for "Jesusland" — a country in which adulterers will be stoned, creationism taught in the schools and gay people sent to reorientation therapy.

What Ms. Allen conveniently overlooks is that the liberal obsession with conservative politicians' religious beliefs is fueled by those conservative politicians constant reminders of those religious beliefs. It was Michele Bachmann who first noted that in her belief system a woman should be submissive to her husband. It was Rick Perry who called for and then led the prayer service in Houston a few weeks before announcing his candidacy for president. Perhaps if the candidates weren't constantly harping on their religion those of us who want religion kept separate from government wouldn't get so damned uppity.

Further, it is only too clear that what the candidates are doing at this stage is pandering to those elements of the Religious Reich who still command some power in the GOP. That segment of the party demands fealty on issues such as evolution, climate change, abortion rights, and the candidates are only too happy to provide them with that fealty in the most strident tones possible. Is it any wonder that those of us on the left, including those of us who are ourselves practicing Christians, are appalled at the rhetoric?

No, Ms. Allen, you can cite all the books and articles you want, but until the conservative candidates start recognizing the fact that ours is a secular government and not a Christian government, those of us on the left are going to have plenty to say.

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