Thursday, September 29, 2011

Who Could Have Predicted?

Sometimes the universe is kind, giving a little relief by providing news that makes me smile. This article did just that. Here's the grin inducement section:

In another change of tactics precipitated by the new Nogales border fence, smugglers appear to be making narcotics hand-offs from Mexico to the U.S. through the bars of the barrier, authorities say.

Lt. Gerry Castillo of the Santa Cruz County Metro Task Force said his office is looking into a case that began in July when investigators discovered a number of oddly shaped bundles of marijuana during a seizure at an undisclosed location.

He said the investigators at first thought the 48 pounds of marijuana that had been wrapped in thin tubular packages might be "tunnel bundles." However, upon closer examination, they discovered that the bundles were not dirty.

That's when investigators decided that the packages had likely been passed through the fence, which features interconnected, concrete-filled steel tubes with an approximately 4-inch open space between them.
[Emphasis added]

It didn't take the pot smugglers long to find a way get through the new fence near Nogales, Arizona. Completed this summer, the 2.8 mile stretch of border fence cost the taxpayer $11.6-million. While it may be keeping those awful Mexicans out, job one for the fence being built along our southern border, it obviously is not deterring the drug flow, which is the other reason for its existence.

Gee, maybe there's a cheaper alternative to pot smuggling than a fence which costs about $5 million per mile. Like maybe we could decriminalize marijuana, regulate it the way we do alcohol and tobacco, and tax it.

You think?



Blogger Florence said...

Just think how much drug education and rehabilitation could have been done with that money.
And maybe if marijuana were legalized and taxed, we could afford to stop laying off teachers and firemen. But no, it would probably be used to fund wars in important places like Yemen or Somalia..What's that--we already are?? Never mind... :((

4:18 AM  
Anonymous joel hanes said...

But but but ...
the fence delays people by 18 seconds, maybe even more if they're not very determined.

4:27 AM  

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