Friday, November 18, 2011

Raising Cain

No, Herman. One does not stiff the main newspaper in an early primary state like New Hampshire. It just isn't done, not even if you got burned in an interview with another newspaper. It makes you look petty and amateurish:

Herman Cain may have picked a powerful enemy in New Hampshire on Thursday, skipping a scheduled interview with the Union Leader newspaper during a brief visit to the state.

The cancellation came just days after Cain struggled mightily with a question about Libya during a videotaped interview with reporters and editors from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. ...

After the Journal Sentinel interview was released, Cain's campaign contacted the Union Leader to say they would not allow C-SPAN cameras to be present for the session, as they had been for meetings with other candidates.

The campaign again contacted the paper to say that rather than the hourlong interview they had agreed to, Cain would be available for only 20 minutes. Cline said they told Cain's campaign it was "not worth our time to do it for 20 minutes." The campaign promised to get back to them, but never did.

Cain, like several of the other candidates for the 2012 nomination, has pretty much ignored New Hampshire this time around, which I find quite surprising. Most have concentrated on Iowa, probably because that state's caucus is the first of the real selection events. However, most have still shown up for a photo op to file their candidacy papers in person. Herman literally mailed it in. Now he's playing cat and mouse with the state's most powerful newspaper. He even has been quoted as saying that the Union Leader canceled the interview.

Such petulance and ass-covering will not play well in New Hampshire. It also doesn't look too good to the rest of the country.

Foolish, foolish move.



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