Friday, March 23, 2012

Things That Make You Go Really?

There was an interesting little article in yesterday's Sacramento Bee on some non-traditional treatments for Alzheimer's Disease.

...Two new scientific studies in the past couple of months have shown some benefit in helping brain functioning amid Alzheimer's: one on meditation, the other on rosemary oil aromatherapy.

My first response to that was to scratch my head in puzzlement. Could the authors of the article really be suggesting that "woo-woo" medicine might have a place in treating this disease, things that doctors should be considering? The answer is yes. Unfortunately, they didn't provide a link to either study or give much information about the two. Also, unfortunately, I didn't have time to hit the Google to track the two studies down, although I will hopefully be able to do so later today. If I find them, I'll post an update.

In any event, here's the brief conclusion on the use of meditation by Alzheimer's patients:

Early findings showed a surprising, substantial increase in cerebral blood flow in the patients' prefrontal, superior frontal and superior parietal cortices, and also better cognitive function in the group that performed regular meditation. [Emphasis added]

And here's the finding on rosemary oil aromatherapy:

Results indicate for the first time in human subjects that concentration of 1,8- cineole in the blood is related to an individual's cognitive performance – with higher concentrations resulting in improved performance. Both speed and accuracy were improved in the study in cognitive functioning. [Emphasis added]

Now, without knowing more than the article provided, and without further studies testing the hypotheses, I'm not about to rush out and take a meditation class and to purchase a rosemary oil aromatherapy machine. Still, the findings of these two studies are interesting and do deserve a further look-see.

As the article states in its conclusion, the brain is one complicated organ:

...The brain is a complex organism, with many complex mechanisms that lead to optimum functioning. Early trials show that aromatherapy and meditation improve blood supply and enhance cognitive skills. Ongoing data are showing us that we have much power to help treat Alzheimer's integratively, keeping in mind that environment, exercise, health, lifestyle, meditation, music and smells can be all be beneficial in improving brain function.

It's pretty hard to argue with that.



Blogger hshields said...

It is time for the public to be told the truth:

Alzheimer's Disease (AD) and sporadic Creutzfeldt Jakob Disease (sCJD)
are sister prion diseases (think mad cow), transmissible, infectious by medical
equipment, (scopes, etc.) dental and eye equipment, blood, urine, feces,
saliva, mucous (aerosols: possibly by coughs & sneezes) Doctors
frequently misdiagnose AD and sCJD one for the other. The symptoms and
neuropathology are almost identical.

Right now the US is in the middle of a raging, always fatal, prion
disease epidemic: There are over 6 million victims of AD and 1 million
Parkinson's Disease victims, with a new AD case every 69 seconds !

Recent research (October 2011) by Dr. Claudio Soto, et al, University of
Texas Medical School, has confirmed earlier research which found
injecting Alzheimer's brain material into mice brains caused infectious
prion disease.
See Video - Dr. Soto on Alzheimer's disease and prions:

AD and sCJD victims shed prions in their urine and feces. Sewage
treatment does not inactivate prions - it concentrates them in the
sewage sludge. The US EPA acknowledges that the landspreading of sewage
sludge is also a pathway of prion risk for humans and animals (Mad Cow,
CWD, etc.)

10:20 AM  

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