Friday, June 01, 2012

Because I Could

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David Horsey's cartoon and commentary from yesterday may not present anything new and startling, but it made me laugh. I needed that.

Donald Trump has taken Mitt Romney into his oily embrace, and let’s hope it makes Romney’s skin crawl because, if it turns out he actually does like hanging out with The Donald, we should fear for our country. Can you say “Vice President Donald J. Trump?” Kind of burns in the throat, doesn’t it?

To Trump’s list of identities -- real estate shark, casino owner, reality TV star, serial monogamist and grandly self-impressed comb-over king – we can add his stint as the weirdly entertaining clown who refuses to quit the 2012 election circus. After pumping up speculation that he might, himself, become a candidate for president, he now is styling himself as Romney’s chief surrogate while, at the same time, being the loudest voice among the kooks questioning the president’s eligibility to be president.

I think David's snark carries over to his "fear" that Trump might actually get the VP nod from Mitt Romney. I doubt the GOP would allow the man-squirrel on any ticket right now. Still, you must admit that Romney and Trump do have a few things in common.

Both were born on third-base. Each was born with a silver foot in his mouth (peace, Ann Richardson). Both are extremely wealthy and never let us forget it. Both have a little trouble telling the truth. And both harbor some pretty wacky ideas. Romney is just quieter about his.

And so I laughed, the only one I had yesterday.



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