Thursday, August 02, 2012


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David Horsey's recent cartoon and column had me laughing loudly enough to annoy my cat. Once again, a cartoonist has nailed it in one.

I am starting to feel sorry for Mitt Romney. On an international tour of three countries, he made news in two of them by dissing the London Olympics and infuriating the Palestinians. The poor guy – for months, people have complained that he never says what he really believes. Now he’s in trouble for too boldly saying what he actually thinks.

And that's the amazing part. Romney, who frequently has trouble speaking the truth, did this time, and it got him into a whole gilded bowl of trouble. What's even more stunning is that he managed to do this in what should have been a walk in the park:

The intent of Romney’s excursion abroad was to increase his street cred as a potential world statesman, but, even if there had been no mini-media storms, it is hard to see how anyone would be overly impressed by his play-it-safe itinerary. Traveling to Britain, Israel and Poland is about as risky for an American politician as a tour of country clubs would be for an executive from Bain Capital.

Now, if Romney had gone to Pakistan, Venezuela and Somalia, we would have something more interesting to talk about than minding one’s manners at the Olympic Games.

Ouch! That has to leave a mark.



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