Saturday, October 20, 2012

A Bumper Crop Of Crazy

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David Horsey is obviously not amused by the tortured lies coming from the extremist right.  In fact, he was so unamused that he did a little research on his own.

The list of nutty fabrications about Obama, his administration and Democrats is long. Here's a small sample from

• Obama intends to force a complete ban on all weapons for U.S. citizens through a United Nations treaty. Total paranoid fantasy -- Obama has actually broadened the number of places where citizens can carry guns.

• Barack and Michelle Obama surrendered their law licenses to avoid ethics charges. Another big lie.

• This dictatorial president has issued 900 executive orders, some creating martial law. Wrong -- he's signed 139 executive orders, none establishing extraordinary powers.

• The government bought 79% of the vehicles sold by General Motors in June. Nope, completely false.
• The Democratic National Convention hosted a Muslim prayer service while rejecting prayers from a Catholic cardinal. Another falsehood -- the Muslim service took place in a park and the cardinal gave the convention’s final prayer.

• Obama plans to deny emergency brain surgery to patients over 70, do away with the National Day of Prayer and get rid of the White House Christmas tree. Once again, lie, lie, lie.
 And these are just a few that he found at FactCheck, and certainly not the most bizarre.  I guess there's something about a Black Man in the White House that just sends some people around the bend, and the GOP knows it and is quite willing to capitalize on it.  That's one of the reasons this election is so close.

This country is beginning to depress me.

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