Thursday, November 01, 2012

Granny Bird Award: Michael McGough

The latest recipient of this award, given from time to time to those who go out of their way to harm the interests or benefits of the elders, is Michael McGough of the Los Angeles Times whose opinion piece (issued just one week before the election) implies that Dianne Feinstein just might be too old for another six years as Senator from California.  Mind you, he doesn't exactly state that.  Oh, no, not him.  Instead he engages in media bafflegab under the headline "Does Senator Dianne Feinstein's Age Matter?"

In her uphill campaign against Sen. Dianne Feinstein, Republican Elizabeth Emken, albeit obliquely, has made an issue of Feinstein’s age. The senator turned 79 on June 22 and if reelected she would be 85 at the conclusion of one more term.

Would that be unusual? Yes, but not unprecedented.
He then proceeds to list the other octogenarians who have served past their 80th birthday.  At least he did some research there.  What he didn't research, however, is telling.  He didn't check to see if Sen. Feinstein has behaved in any manner which suggests she probably should call an end to her career.  He doesn't give any indications that she has missed any roll-call votes on bills, nor any indications that she is not showing up for committee meetings or party caucus or state caucus meetings.  He doesn't list any bizarre behavior, like forgetting where she was or peeing on the Senate floor.  He just, well, implies that she's pretty old.

Age isn’t “just a number.” At the same time, it’s evident that people are living and thriving longer. (That’s why the solvency of Social Security is, or should be, an issue.)  It wouldn’t be a medical miracle if Feinstein remained healthy and active through another term.  But as an octogenarian she would definitely be in a small and select group.
Look, DINO Dianne is not my favorite politician, but it's not because of her age.  In fact, she has become wilier with time.  I wouldn't be surprised if she won the election, served a month into the next administration and then retired to work with a think tank or some such (i.e., pulled a "Jane Harmon").  But, she's doing just fine at 79, thank you very much.

So, Mr. Magoo Mr. McGough, I suggest you polish up your spectacles so you can do your job a little better.  Unless, of course, you're just polishing up your act in case Rupert Murdoch does buy the L.A. Times.

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Anonymous ThinlyVeiled said...

Orrin Hatch - 79
Richard Shelby - 78
Jim Inhofe - 77
Pat Roberts - 76
John McCain - 76
Thad Cochran - 74
Lamar Alexander - 72
Mitch McConnell - 70
Joe Lieberman - 70
Jon Kyl - 70

Those are just the Republican. 65 of 100 Senators are 60 or older. Mr. McGough is cordially invited to bite me.

5:08 PM  

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