Saturday, December 15, 2012

Small Blessings

One of my favorite elder blogs is Ruminations.  Its proprietor is Florence, a pharmacist who retired early for health reasons and who now spends her days gardening, quilting, cooking, and (of course) blogging.  She has a series of  "Three Things That Made Me Happy Today" posted which got my attention, but good!

Here's one of her recent entries:

★ Three things that made me happy today★ 
I didn't sleep well last night so I took an after breakfast nap. Ah, the joys of retirement. Eat your heart out, worker bees! LOL!!
Beautiful day. Clear, cool, low humidity. 
No cooking day. Took 2 containers of veggie soup out of the freezer and toasted some sourdough bread.

No, nothing earth-shaking, but nonetheless important.  In the midst of the stresses of life these days, including (but not limited to) our seriously defective economic system, our maddeningly deranged political system,  our rapidly deteriorating environment, taking time to note the small blessings of life provides a kind of perspective, a chance to breathe, however briefly. 

And so, here are three things that made me happy on Thursday.  (Friday, well, I'm not quite ready to process that day.)

A friend I met online and then again in real life sent me an email to check my current address so she could send me a small Christmas gift.  I was touched by her grace and generosity.

I go to Burger King for a second breakfast most mornings.  There is a group of men about my age who do the same.  One bought my breakfast and told me that he and his buddies were always glad to see me.

During my afternoon walk, the rottweiler puppy I hadn't seen walking in several months appeared with his owner.  No longer a puppy-puppy, Hans is at the gangly adolescent state.  He recognized me and sat at my command so I could give him a dog biscuit (provided by his owner).

I've decided that I will now pay attention to those brief moments, those small blessings, and be grateful for them.  They may just turn out to be life-savers and soul-savers.

Thanks, Florence.



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