Saturday, April 06, 2013

Vital Research

David Horsey's screwy sense of humor has returned.  In this cartoon and column he suggests that President Obama's brain study project start with the wackaloons of the GOP.

President Obama wants to invest an initial $110 million in a study of the human brain that could have benefits as great as those achieved by the Human Genome Project. Maybe the first study should be done on the one-track minds of tea party Republicans, who will undoubtedly oppose funding for the study because their brains are fixated on the single idea that government can do nothing right.

After that, researchers could move on to figuring out Sarah Palin’s brain. Perhaps they could answer this question: How can a person with so little knowledge and so little interest in acquiring knowledge imagine that she has what it takes to be president of the United States? Is it an example of the George W. Bush effect? (“Hey, if he can be president, anybody can.”) Inquiring minds want to know. ...

Sure, it would be nice if better funding for brain research comes up with a cure for Alzheimer's disease or strokes, but we would also benefit from a deeper understanding of how people with fully functioning brains can still be so incredibly dumb -- and how they, nevertheless, manage to get elected to high office.   [Emphasis added]

The only problem I foresee, David, is that your suggested subjects might prove that there's no there there.  We already know that.

Oh, and if you click on the link to read the entire column (and I recommend you do) you'll have an opportunity to vote in a poll.  Go ahead and vote.  You will want to.

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