Monday, June 10, 2013

Maybe We Won't Miss Her

(Editorial cartoon by Steve Sack and published 5/26/13 in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune.  Click on image to enlarge and then return.)

The Minneapolis Star-Tribune, Michele Bachmann's home town newspaper, points out that Michele has no intention of actually going away.  She's just not running for re-election to her House seat.

Embattled congresswoman Michele Bachmann told Fox News Channel’s Sean Hannity in exclusive interview Thursday that she is “not going away” despite her decision not to seek a fifth term.

“There’s just a time when you’ve served, and then it’s time to move on,” the Minnesota Republican said in her first interview since announcing that she is not running for reelection. “I’m not retiring. I’m not going silent. I’m not quitting my public involvement. In fact, I may run for another public office. That could happen.” ...

Given room to expound on her plans, Bachmann told the talk show host, “I’m not going away. I’m not leaving Washington. I’m not leaving the national scene. It’s just bringing a positive solution from a different perch.”

Asked about running again for president, Bachmann concluded, “I’m not taking anything off the table. But that’s certainly not my number one item that I’m looking at right now either. I’m in the game for the long haul.”    [Emphasis added]

So what does all that mean?  Who knows!

It may be that her decision not to run again for her House seat was designed to cool the Ethics Committee investigation and that she has her eye on Al Franken's senatorial seat.  Or the presidency.

Or, and I think this is more likely, she is being given a little Republican welfare.  Her appearance on Hannity's Fox News show may have been designed as a preview for a slot there.  Or she may be moving on to one of the conservative think tanks, joining such luminaries as Jim DeMint.

But if she's not leaving the public eye, than we can't and won't miss her.

I take a little perverse joy out of that.

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Grifters gotta grift.


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