Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Elder Belle's Blessing: Cooling Centers And The People Who Offer Them

(Photo by Patrice Carlton and published at National Geographic.)

This edition of Elder Belle's Blessing, an award given from time to time to those who work to enhance the rights and benefits of the elders, goes to the people who offer and staff cooling centers.

Cooling centers are just what they sound like:  places for people to go when the temperatures outside are high and elders and people who have disabilities can go to cool off and avoid dangerous conditions like dehydration and heat stroke.

The one I've been using is located at Arcadia Methodist Hospital.  People using the room can easily get water, food, free wi-fi, and medical assistance if it becomes needed.

If you have neighbors who are unable to cope with the heat, help them get to one.  If your community doesn't have such facilities, work to have them opened.  During this time of climate instability, they can be life savers.



Anonymous bo said...

Who is it, 1-Watt, who uses a swamp cooler? Perhaps he could teach you how to make one for home cooling.

But, yes, blessings on the keepers of cooling centers.

3:12 PM  

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