Sunday, June 01, 2014

Sunday Funnies: 2-Fer

(Cartoon by Joel Pett and featured at Mc Clatchy DC).
(Cartoon by Mike Luckovich and published in the Atlanta Journal Constitution.)

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Blogger John Gardner said...

actually, something like that second one *is coming*. in the next 20 years or so, google will get its way, and cars will be mostly self driving.

and this kind of rhetoric will happen for cars, just like smartguns.

"nobody needs to drive manually above 45 miles per hour"

there will be people who die because of self driving car failures, like any car. there will be cars that are maliciously hacked, just like any computer.

and the like.

airbags and seatbelts are more like the existing safety features of guns that exist. manual safeties, drop safeties, hammer blocks, grip safeties, trigger safeties, magazine safeties, etc. trying to merge computers and guns is a fine idea. but given the amount of hacking that goes on every day right now, i wouldn't mandate any kind of smart gun technology while it is still in its infancy. should people explore the technology? yes. but mandate its usage and restrict to only that seems a little silly.

does jersey have a law like "once self driving cars are available, all cars must be self driving, and new jersey residents can only buy self driving cars" ?

10:11 AM  

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