Saturday, October 06, 2007

Eh, Not So Much

The press in the US has finally picked up on the run-amokery of the Blackwater contingent in Iraq, so much so that the Defense Department and the State Department have both looked into the "situation" and decided that just maybe the Blackwater Brownshirts need to have their leashes shortened a bit. Lost in all this coverage, however, is what the actions of Blackwater have done to Iraqis. For that, it is necessary to look elsewhere, like Iraq's Azzaman.

It's hard to make head or tails of the way America has sought to bring democracy to Iraq; it brought in private security firms whose mission is to safeguard diplomatic missions, political figures and government officials. But these companies, rather than maintaining security or contributing to its restoration - hire the cream of professionals in rapid killing on the front lines! ...

Earlier this week, when a car bombing incident took place near Baghdad's Al-Nisour Square, an American diplomatic convoy was passing through the area. In response to the explosion, private bodyguards who work for the American company “Blackwater” opened fire Hollywood-style.

What was the result of the Blackwater Company's crime, which has so tarnished the face of American security? The death of about 15 martyrs and the wounding of over 30 people – a death toll so high that it would have caused the fall of the government in any country other than Iraq!! And all this happened in clear sight and hearing of American diplomats who suffered no harm, except for the disturbing sound of the explosions taking the lives of so many innocent bystanders!! ...

In justifying its crime, the company added: “Our employees had a duty to defend human life.”

Are Iraqis not human? Are their lives not life?

Apparently not.

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