Saturday, December 22, 2007

What You Can Do To End The War Criminals' Career

It's a growing, burning anger that the left has been developing about the crimes inflicted on our country. All the protections our Constitution had instituted have been trampled on, our regulators are all against public protection, our Congress is stalemated by opposition to the once-ruling American public.

There is a campaign already underway to overturn the banana republic. We're all concentrated on Presidential candidates. Without your individual representatives, though, the president will be hamstrung. Have you looked into what's going on at your own local level?

As I posted earlier this week, our local House representative is threatening to make more wars for oil if the U.S.develops new energy sources that don't support his contributors, the big oil companies.

I worked to elect a terrific progressive to the House seat that is occupied at present by this warmonger, and in case you haven't heard my previous posts, I want to introduce you to Dr. Glenn Melancon, who will seek that seat again in the coming campaign. He has a regular post at the Daily Kos, and uses that post to promote rational public interest positions that we so badly need in the Congress.

While I'm lucky enough to have a knowledgeable proponent of constitutional government, and a professor of government who is seeking to represent my area in Congress, you may have some one in your area who could do a good job for you, too. Without turning out the existing proponents of corporate welfare, we're condemning our coming generations to the kinds of outrage we've been experiencing in the past seven years.

It's our job to do the nitty gritty stuff of seeking out the good candidates, of getting involved in their campaigns, in letting our friends know there are choices for them, and, yes, making the calls, contacting your local news reporters and licking the envelopes. If you want to give a Christmas present worth having, you might want to fill a stocking or two for those same candidates. It's going to beat those Wii's for the kids by a long shot if they're spared the wars and criminal misfeasance of the dysfunctional 'public servants' we've let steal high offices to the great harm to our nation that's gone on in the past few years.

It's up to us to get the country back in good hands, and our hands are going to have to get to work.

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