Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Justice Returning

The halt of a trial in the Gitmo proceedings is one of the finest pieces of news we've received in a long, long time. As pointed out yesterday, the dysfunctional cretin's military tribunal, an illegitimate entity, was trying to push through some of its own proceedings and was stymied.

Today, under new leadership, it appears that justice is returning to our system.

A military judge has agreed to President Barack Obama's request to suspend the Guantanamo war crimes trial of Canadian Omar Khadr.

It is the first in a series of delays sought by Obama as his administration reviews the legal system for prosecuting alleged terrorists.

The written order came Wednesday in the Khadr case. He is accused of killing an American soldier with a grenade in Afghanistan in 2002.

Army Col. Patrick Parrish, the judge in the case, issued a written order granting the 120-day suspension without a hearing.

Later, a judge is to consider suspending the case of five men charged in the Sept. 11 attacks.

That these detainees have been held without charges, that their rights have been ignored and they have been mistreated probably will ultimately prevent real justice from ever being served. It is a black mark on our national honor, and a part of the shameful legacy of the years of occupation here and abroad. There has been a myth created that by violating our own laws we were protecting ourselves, and there is nothing in that myth that justifies it.

We can try, as has been begun, to make our system work toward justice rather than ideology again. Now is a good time to begin.


Also, please accept my apologies for the childish antics of head of the republic party John Cornyn, a TX resident who represents the deranged elements that include the former cretin in chief, Tom Delay, the Darth family, Rep. Hensarling (FDR made the depression), and the like. We also have excellent public servants such as Rep. Chet Edwards and Ron Kirk, who can now be enabled again.

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