Sunday, June 26, 2005


(Another in a series of comments on blogs I visit regularly.)

One of the wonderous aspects of the internet is that it allows for the open and free transmission of information in ways other than just typed words. These three blogs are my current favorites. They incorporate words, pictures, and sounds in ways that I consider nothing short of miraculous. Unfortunately, they do all of this in ways I am incapable of, so I'm afraid you'll just have to trust my descriptions.

Jeffraham Prestonian uses video, primarily of his cat Curly. Curly is one fun and funny cat, according to JP. You can see and purchase his videos at the blog. Jeffraham also has other goodies worth exploring.

NTodd is a world-class photographer and includes a lot of them on his blog. He also has thoughtful 'word' essays and a link to his podcasts (which are both enlightening and easy to listen to).

Eli is another brilliant photographer who posts regularly. Additionally, his political rants are some of the best I've read in yarons. His take on things often takes my breath away.

I really haven't done justice to these blogs because you have to see and hear them to get the full flavor. I suggest you hurry your backsides over to each as soon as possible.


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