Monday, April 24, 2006

The Unitary Executive

The Emperor don't need no steenkin' Congress. That certainly seems to be the message when it comes to his appointments. If Congress won't swiftly approve them, the Emperor simply waits until Congress goes into its many recesses and then installs the appointees without Congressional approval. From the NY Times:

George W. Bush's high-handed attitude toward his own majority in Congress keeps getting worse, and we keep waiting for the Republicans to notice they are being insulted.

The latest case in point is President Bush's appointment last week of the next two public trustees for Social Security and Medicare. Normally, those positions require confirmation by the Senate. But leaders from both parties had made it clear they objected to the president's choices. Then the president did an end run, installing his candidates while Congress was in recess.
[Emphasis added]

Apparently Congressional Republicans are supposed to toe the line when it comes to party loyalty, but the President, not so much. In other words, under this President, it is not a matter of party loyalty, but rather of personal fealty. Given that this is a Congressional election year, and not a Presidential one, I think we can expect more of this imperious behavior out of the White Palace. Incumbents need to get back to their states and districts to campaign and to mend fences. The Emperor has figured out how to use that to his advantage.

Maybe the Republican Congress Critters will get tired of being dissed by their fearless leader and start pushing back.'s an election year.


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