Saturday, May 27, 2006

Rabid Badger Attacks Senate

Wisconsin's Congressman James Sensenbrenner has made it clear that the House has no intention of deferring to the Senate when it comes to the Immigration Bill, now in conference. From today's NY Times:

The leading House negotiator on immigration denounced on Friday the bipartisan legislation that passed the Senate this week, saying House Republicans would never support a bill that gives illegal immigrants a chance at American citizenship.

..."The president is not where the American people are at," Mr. Sensenbrenner said at a news conference. "The Senate is not where the American people are at."

"Amnesty is wrong because it rewards someone for illegal behavior," he said. "And I reject the spin that the senators have been putting on their proposal. It is amnesty."
[Emphasis added]

Mr. Sensenbrenner's claim to knowing the true wishes of the people of the nation rings hollow in the face of the numbers published by multiple polling organizations across the political spectrum. Those numbers indicate that the American public generally approve of a program that would allow immigrants currently here to remain, and to remain without the stain of a criminal charge for doing so. Mr. Sensenbrenner relies only on the number of phone calls from those whipped into a frenzy by a couple of anti-immigrant groups who appeal to the worst in the human soul.

The irony is that Mr. Sensenbrenner is splitting his own party on the issue, and he is doing so only months before the off-year elections. What a gift.



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