Saturday, September 09, 2006

Paraguay Gets It

About 60% of the American public has finally had enough of the Emperor and his five years of disasterous incompetence. I've gotten the impression that the rest of the world is wondering what took us so long. A recent op-ed in Paraguay's Neike makes it clear that this Central American country has correctly assessed the efficacy of the Bush doctrine.

When Bush invaded Afghanistan and Iraq, he also wanted to frighten Iran (which is situated between these two nations). After the 1979 revolution, Iran became Washington’s greatest Middle East adversary. Since the late nineties, however, it has shown signs of edging closer to the West, and stood behind initial Anglo-American victories in Afghanistan (2001) and Baghdad (2003).

Iran has taken advantage of the fact that the United States demolished two of its top enemy governments, on its east (Afghanistan) and its west (Iraq), only to profit afterwards from dethroned Taliban and Pan-Arab efforts to undermine and paralyze the United States.

Ahmanidejad's election as Iranian president [reflects] the strength of a particular wing of the ayatollahs, who believe that Iran should take advantage of Bush’s failures to transform itself into a regional and nuclear power.

The stumbling, bumbling, fumbling of our current regime has made possible the exact opposite of the very things which it claimed to have wanted: a nuclear free Iran hemmed in by stable and democratic neighbors. Even our hemispheric neighbors have noted the failures of our foreign policy.

Heckuva job, George.


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