Sunday, October 29, 2006

Apparently We Haven't Come A Long Way, Baby

Come on, boys, it's 2006, not 1956. Back then, few women entered politics on their own. Although I haven't done the research, right off the top of my head the only woman I could think of as holding a congressional office back in the 50's and 60's is Margaret Chase Smith, although there might have been others. Now, however, we have multiple woman senators and dozens of House members. You'd think by this time, the country, especially the men in the country would have gotten used to it. Clearly that is not so. From today's Sacramento Bee comes this article, written by a reporter at the McClatchy Washington Bureau.

Republicans suddenly are trying to make Pelosi a household name -- one that embodies what many conservatives and white, male voters dislike most about the Democratic Party -- in order to turn out their voters.

In debates, speeches, magazines and a few ads, on talk shows and the Internet, Republicans attack Pelosi as the face of a tax-raising, homosexual-embracing, abortion-promoting, war-fearing, criminal-coddling, government-expanding liberal party that would ruin America if it gains at least 15 seats on Election Day and takes control of the 435-member House.

...A 66-year-old feminist and mother of five who speaks softly, wears pastel suits and extols the virtues of mother- and grandmotherhood, Pelosi's first impression is non-threatening.

But her allies describe her as a relentless fundraiser and strategist who's been willing to put liberal abortion and gun-control politics on hold for the greater good of her party, and they say she can be ruthless when dealing with opponents.
[Emphasis added]

Right, so tell me, what color suit does House Speaker Hastert favor? And which designer? How many kids does House Majority Leader Boehner have? Any grandkids? What color are his eyes?

Why is it so startling that someone with a soft voice is good (or even 'relentless') as a fundraiser or as a strategist anxious to keep her party in position to take back some of the power the rest of Congress so cheerfully gave to the Emperor? Why does this make her ruthless?

And why does the press continue to write this way in 2006, especially a woman reporter (Margaret Talev)?

That's what we need to be worried about.

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