Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Winning is What?

Must be Halloween, we have trick or treats in high places.

For the C-i-C, it's no longer 'cut and run', it's now, 'a Democrat win is the end of our Great Plan which would be working but I haven't got it in place yet.' He needs more time, I guess.

From one article in the Washington Post:

"However they put it, the Democrat approach in Iraq comes down to this: The terrorists win and America loses," Bush told a raucous crowd of about 5,000 GOP partisans packed in an arena at Georgia Southern University in Statesboro, one of his stops Monday.

For the V-C-i-C, the enemy is killing U.S. soldiers to influence the election here. Up to this point, I guess it was just fun and games.

On Oct. 17, Cheney told Rush Limbaugh:

I was reading something today that a writer -- I don`t remember who -- was speculating on increased terrorist attacks in Iraq attempting to demoralize the American people as we get up to the election. And when I read that, it made sense to me. And I interpreted this as that the terrorists are actually involved and want to involve themselves in our electoral process, which must mean they want a change.

It made sense to him. Increased bombings are an effort to oust Republicans from congress. WTF?

And our friends in Baghdad?

Seventy percent of the Iraqi police force has been infiltrated by militias, primarily the Mahdi Army, according to Shaw and other military police trainers. Police officers are too terrified to patrol enormous swaths of the capital. And while there are some good cops, many have been assassinated or are considering quitting the force.

"None of the Iraqi police are working to make their country better," said Brig. Gen. Salah al-Ani, chief of police for the western half of Baghdad. "They're working for the militias or to put money in their pocket."

The declaration that we are even conceptually nearing a 'victory' in this disaster scenario can only work if your mind is shut tightly away from reality. Or if you have thrown your lot in with the Rethuglican party and can't bear to look at what it's doing.

Yesterday on C-Span the Saudi - American Relations symposium featured our ambassador from S.Arabia mentioning that a democracy was highly unlikely to bring a government into power in the middle East that would be satisfactory to American needs. Is there anyone in the White House listening or learning?

We badly need a functioning government. One more week, fellow sufferers.

from Ruth

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