Thursday, January 25, 2007


A momentous moment in American history. We hope. The Biden hearings on a resolution to oppose the insanity in Iraq took place yesterday, and if you were privileged to listen in on some of it, you know that the Democrats were joined by a courageous Senator Hagel in opposing the war.

So many lives have been lost, and futures washed down the drain of serious disabilities, that I am being silly in saying that only the idjuts who voted this administration into power should be required to pay for its continuing destruction of our country. I'm saying it anyway.

Today's CNN poll is almost sad;

CNN poll;
Do you believe that perceived blunders have hurt the Bush administration's credibility on Iraq?

Yes 91% 42618 votes

No 9% 4366 votes

Total: 46984 votes

We are past the point that we can take the president's word that this will work. This just said by Sen. Obama who a lot of folks don't want to give much credit. I give credit to everyone seeking to turn this tragedy around.

Everyone who's going to the rally in D.C., I salute you.

Tens of thousands of peace advocates from across the country are expected in Washington on Saturday for an anti-war rally that could be among the biggest since the war in Iraq began, organizers said yesterday.

If you can't get to D.C., and I can't, I encourage you to send your words of encouragement and anything else you can get out there to your friends who can.

On January 27, please demonstrate for peace. Go to for information, please.

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Anonymous Vicar said...

I can't think that further demonstrations will add a thing since they have had no effect on this administration previously. Some of the largest demonstrations in history were against this very war, and yet the plod on. Voting, exposing, and selective spending seems more productive than a street party.

6:17 AM  
Blogger W.D. Russell said...

I can only hope this is just the start of a long hot summer for the Bush crime family.

7:20 AM  

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